Full disclosure: I really liked Sydney Leathers when I interviewed her in 2014. Just one year prior in 2013, she had been one of the major players in the “Weinergate” debacle. Her life had changed when we met her— we think for the better. She told me she keeps up on her political knowledge, so to test that, I gave her a “Real Political Scandal or Porn Parody” Quiz as well as an interview. Not surprisingly, she got 100% on both.

Aleks: You got a tattoo “23” to commemorate the anniversary of becoming what you call the ‘Misfit Mistress’. What do you think you’ve learned? How has that experienced changed you?

Sydney Leathers: I have learned SO much from this experience. Most importantly, I learned how terribly naive I was to think that I could anonymously release information like that without being outed. It’s so funny that the majority of people think I’m some fame-whore who wanted the attention. But in reality, I didn’t want my name attached to the scandal. I thought it would ruin my life. It definitely hasn’t ruined my life, but it has certainly changed it! I’m happy with where I’m at right now, and if this experience has taught me one huge lesson it’s that I am much, much stronger than I could have ever imagined. It isn’t easy to go through a media firestorm and come out with your head held high.

A: I read the article in Vice by Mitchell Sunderland about the week you lived with him in New York. The article was very cavalier and portrayed you to be open about sex, porn, sex toys etc. Have you always been this intrepid about your sexuality?

SL: On the inside, I always knew I was a very sexual human. I’ve known I was bisexual since I was a teenager. But I went to a private Christian school for many years and I grew up in middle America where being openly sexual was frowned upon. I didn’t even get my first kiss from a boy until I was 13, but as soon as that happened, I knew I was ready for more! It took years for me to openly let my freak flag fly, instead of being a closet freak. I am much happier being open about myself and my sexuality. It’s not something that makes me uncomfortable, and if it bothers other people, that’s their problem!

A: Let’s talk law: There is a California State Legislative AB 1576 Bill which you’ve been publicly coming out against. One of your Tweets even showed you holding up an opposition sign rallying against the bill. Why is AB 1576 important to you?

SL: I choose what legislation really matters to me in a very practical way. I care about issues that could directly impact me or the ones that I love. AB 1576 is not a bill that is trying to protect performers, which is what they’re trying to frame it as. In reality, they want to make it as difficult as possible for anyone in this industry to continue working and they want to strip us of our privacy. It’s offensive to my sensibilities for them to think they can make us believe they’re looking out for our best interests. They don’t care about performers. Not only do they not care about us, they want to make it as difficult as humanly possible for us to continue doing the work we love. What happened to life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness? Did they ever think this is what makes us happy?

A: What is the best thing a fan or person who recognized you has said to you?

SL: I’ve had this happen on a few occasions while at various Exxxotica conventions, but several sets of couples have came up to me and told me that things had been very stale for them sexually, and that my Vivid movie was such a turn on for them–just the spice they needed. It was so flattering to hear that, and beyond the flattery, it is truly rewarding to hear that your work had an impact on a couple’s sex life. This kind of work is more important than many people realize.

A: What do you think about all this 50 shades drama? Are you critic of sexual explicit movies or can you enjoy them without criticism?

SL: I am definitely not a critic of sexually explicit movies. In fact, I think we need more of that. America is so puritanical and backwards in so many ways. We could all use more sexual content in our lives.

A: Okay Sydney, now for the fun, we made a quiz inspired by your life experience with political scandal. Can you guess which is an adult film political scandal parody and which is a real life political scandal? If the plot is real, name the politician involved (and any thoughts you have on the event). We’d wish you luck, but we know you got this in the bag:

Real Political Scandal or Porn Plot – THE QUIZ!

Question #1. California politician runs for US State Senator. She is ahead in the polls until her step-daughter catches her cheating on her dad with her campaign manager; and goes to the press costing the Senator the election.

Sydney’s Answer: Porn plot? I hope, because I have never heard of this scandal and I thought I knew them all! (Correct)

Question #2. Senator, who is anti-same sex marriage and believes in abstinence before marriage, is caught as a regular in a high class prostitution ring bust, when his phone number is leaked in the madam’s little black book.

Sydney’s Answer: This is one of my favorites! David Vitter, Republican Senator from Louisiana! This scandal is extra awesome because ALLEGEDLY he liked to be diapered. (Correct)

Question #3. A city council member pays his favorite brothel using a check and the signed check is found during a police raid forcing him to resign his post.

Sydney’s Answer: JERRY, JERRY, JERRY! Who doesn’t love a good Springer scandal?! (Correct)

Question #4. In a top secret mission, the US special forces sends a lady in latex with special powers to defeat a terrorist group who is holding the  President’s daughter as ransom.

Sydney’s Answer: This has to be a porn plot (Correct)

Question #5. A Congressman hires a male prostitute to run errands and even allows him to live at his home. Things get dicey when the prostitute turns the politician’s house into a brothel.

Sydney’s Answer: This is Barney Frank! I fucking LOVE Barney Frank and truly wish he was still in Congress. GREAT man who really cares about the people & making positive changes. (Correct)

Question #6. A former frat boy turned Republican candidate is a shoe-in for Governor of Florida.  But, when the governor elect discovers he slept with a well-known transwoman who is also the latest add to the ballot, his hopes slump like a limp cock.

Sydney’s Answer: If this isn’t a porn plot it should be. Also, if this is real and I don’t know about it, I genuinely hope it happened before I was old enough to vote or I’m super ashamed. (Correct)

Sydney’s SCORE: 100%!

Thanks to Sydney for being so open to being interviewed and quizzed by me; and regardless of what anyone has said, I think she was a classy broad.

You can follow Sydney Leathers on Twitter @sydneyelainexo

Photo used by courtesy of GRMedia from Vivid.com